Iron Curtain – A quick game of global annihilation?


Iron Curtain – A quick game of global annihilation?

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Iron Curtain is a board game of strategic and tactical decisions for two players. Set during the Cold War.

Players take on the roles of the superpowers as they attempt to dominate regions and battlegrounds, asserting influence so that victory ends up within their political reach.

Iron Curtain is a quick board game with a great theme, simple but strategic gameplay, terrific artwork, and compact enough for your backyard missile bunker!

Will you, as the Soviet, go for control in Europe and give up Africa? Will the US place Cuba out of reach for Soviet troops on the world map? Is it global annihilation or world peace you desire?

So, who will be Gorbachev this round?

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Board Game Information

Age 12 up
Players Perfect for 2
Time 20 min

Board Game Contents and Specifications

Cards 18 Strategy cards, 1 Starter card
Score card 1
Influence Cubes 21 Red and 24 Blue
Scoring disc 1
Rules 1
Weight 200g
Designed by Daniel Skjold Pederson and Asger Harding Granerud
Box Dimensions 20 x 15 x 5 cm
Made by jolly roger games


This family board game may contain small parts. Not suitable for young children or people who like putting things in their mouth.

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