Compact and action packed – best board games for travel

Let's face it, not all board games make ideal travel companions. If you're searching for good board games to keep your luggage slim and your family and friends entertained, you've come to the right place.

Read on for our five best family board games for travel.


5. Cardline – Animals

Challenge you and your friends' logic and memory skills while trying to place in order either the size, weight or lifespan of animals at the same time! This family board game increases in complexity with each card played. Good board games are always Guaranteed to teach and entertain!

Cardline Animals is a portable fast action family card game that is quick to learn.

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Age7 up
Players2 - 8
Time15 min

4. Love Letter

The Prince(ss) is locked away in the palace and you must rely on members of the court to help deliver your love letter first. Along the way you expose competing suitors, keeping their letters away - beware, other players want the Prince(ss) to themselves.

Love Letter is a portable fun family card game of strategy and deduction – easy to learn and quick to play.

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Age10 up
Players2 - 4
Time30 min

3. Hey, that's my fish!

Move your penguin around the board and gather fish along the way, while cutting your opponents off in the ice floe. Who's flippers will be left holding the most fish?

Hey, That's My Fish! is a great family board game that is easy for children to play while offering enough strategic thinking to keep young and old entertained.

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Age8 up
Players2 - 4
Time20 - 30 min

2. Hanabi

Work together to create the best fireworks show by placing the correct cards. Sounds easy! The trick is you cannot look at your own cards.

Hanabi is a cooperative family card game of memory and deduction that is easy to learn, quick and fun to play.

2013 Spiel des jahres Game of the Year!

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Age8 up
Players2 - 5
Time20 - 30 min

1. The Resistance: Avalon

A hidden role game where players try to figure out who is on the side or good or evil. Merlin alone knows Mordred's agents of evil, but he must not overtly single them out as the assassin is looking for him too.

A great social family board game where players get involved, acting on the little information they know to level accusations about who is good or evil - great for large groups.

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Age13 up
Players5 - 10
Time30 min