Organise a family board game night

Get the family together for a board game night.

Playing board games is a fun family activity that helps family members connect and spend quality time together.

There are other benefits too, of course the family gets to spend quality time together but kids get the opportunity to practice and learn number, word and social skills involving communication, taking turns, sharing and simply enjoying the company of others.

Prepare for your family board game night.

To make your family board game night fun and give it the best chance to become a regular family activity simply, be prepared.

Choose a game or games that suit everyone, take into account age and abilities and whether they have player board games before. We have suggested some games below to help you get started.

Read the rules and give the game a practice run before you introduce it to everyone – being familiar with the board game components and rules means there is little downtime and everyone can start having fun quicker.

Although learning a new game and introducing it to other players may seem like a challenge just consider the first time you may have played classic board games such as Monopoly or Risk, they needed time to learn and a number of plays before fully enjoying the game – but it was always great to have someone to learn from and teach you how to play.

Good family board games to consider introducing to the family are generally easy to learn and quick to play -  check our suggestions below.

When choosing family board games check the recommended ages because they're a guide for how appropriate it will be for certain ages. Please keep in mind even though a board game is recommended for a eight year old they may need adult help – which is a good thing anyway and our board games are for family or friends to play together, it's a lot more fun for everyone.

If a game says 6+ then it is most likely appropriate for kids to learn and play without too much adult supervision. If a games says 8+, then children will need adults to teach and be involved. If you are purchasing a board game for 14 year olds+ they can most likely handle learning themselves, with some adult assistance if required, although we suggest learning and with them.

We like the idea that family board games encourage children and adults to play and spend quality time together and that is always good.

Suggestions for your next family board game night

The selection of games below are easy to learn and fun as well, they suit kids from age 8 upwards. If you are looking for family board games suitable for other ages check our family board game range which is organised by recommended age.

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Dominoes with a award winning twist. Each turn, connect a new domino to your existing kingdom, making sure at least one of its sides connects to a matching terrain type already in play.

Award winning family board game.

Learn more about Kingdomino here ▸

Age 8 up
Players 2 - 4
Time 15 min


While Qwirkle is as simple as matching colours and shapes, it also requires tactical maneuvers and well-planned strategy. Players score points by building lines that share a common attribute - either colour or shape. 

Qwirkle is a quick family board game to learn, but you'll soon discover you need to think strategically in order to score the most points - fun for young and old.

Learn more about Qwirkle here ▸

Age 6 up
Players 2 - 4
Time 20 - 40 min
qwirkle board game tiles

Sushi Go! Card Game

Maki rolls, Sashimi, Dumplings, Tempura... all very delicious - but other players are hungry too! With strategy and luck you try to collect your favourite sushi dishes to earn enough points to claim the title of Sushi Master.

Sushi Go! is cute, easy to learn and quick to play while being engaging for players of all ages.

Learn more about Sushi Go! here ▸

Age 8 up
Players 2 - 5
Time 15 min

Hey, that's my fish!

Move your penguin around the board and gather fish along the way, while cutting your opponents off in the ice floe. Who's flippers will be left holding the most fish?

Hey, That's My Fish! is a great family board game that is easy for children to play while offering enough strategic thinking to keep young and old entertained.

Learn more about Hey, that's my fish! here ▸

Age 8 up
Players 2 - 4
Time 20 - 30 min

Cardline – Animals

Challenge you and your friends' logic and memory skills while trying to place in order either the size, weight or lifespan of animals at the same time! This family board game increases in complexity with each card played. Good board games are always Guaranteed to teach and entertain!

Cardline Animals is a portable fast action family card game, even if you are not a zoologist it is still a lot of fun.

Learn more about Cardline Animals here ▸

Age 7 up
Players 2 - 8
Time 15 min