Best family board games for the Winter school holidays

If you're looking for a great indoor activity to keep the kids (and parents) entertained these school holidays grab a board game or card game. We have selected a range of family board games to keep everyone entertained during those long winter afternoons.

Read on for our five best family board games for the school holidays.


Sushi Go! Card Game

Maki rolls, Sashimi, Dumplings, Tempura... all very delicious - but other players are hungry too! With strategy and luck you try to collect your favourite sushi dishes to earn enough points to claim the title of Sushi Master.

Sushi Go! is cute, easy to learn and quick to play while being engaging for players of all ages.

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Age8 up
Players2 - 5
Time15 min

Settlers of Catan Board Game

Catan is one of our favourite family board games. Basically you gather resources which enable you to build roads and settlements to earn victory points. Along the way you get to trade resources with other players and collect special development cards.

A great strategy game with excellent replayability.

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For younger players buy Catan Junior here ▸

Age 10 up
Players 3 to 4
Time 45 - 90 min

Forbidden Island Board Game

Forbidden Island is one of the best cooperative family board games. Players play as characters with different skills and discuss team strategy and work together to gather treasure and beat the game.

With a range of skill levels from novice to legendary it allows all family members to learn the game

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Age 10 up
Players 2 to 4
Time 30 min

Terror In Meeple City Board Game

A great family board game for kids because you actually get to build the meeple city and then destroy it! Monsters get dropped, cars get thrown and you even get to huff and puff and blow buildings down. Oh! those poor meeples.

Fun to set-up, play and destroy.

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Age 8 up
Players 2 to 4
Time 30 - 45 min

Hanabi Card Game

Hanabi is a cooperative family card game where you work together to create the best fireworks show based on clues provided by the rest of your team.

A great family game which is quick and fun to learn. Winner of the 2013 Spiel des Jahres Game of the year.

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Age 8 up
Players 2 to 5
Time 20 - 30 min