Tash-Kalar – fantasy themed game of strategic battle


Tash-Kalar – fantasy themed game of strategic battle

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If you like fantasy themes and prefer strategic games, without the luck of a dice roll, Tash-Kalar is the board game for you.

Tash-Kalar is an abstract board game (think chess) that offers a lot of depth and strategy. It is not too difficult to learn but may take time to master, but when you do, the game is very rewarding.

The rules of Tash-Kalar, Arena of Legends are simple and easy to understand, but as you start to discover the tactics and are able to anticipate the opponent's moves and patterns, it turns into a real clash of wits.

Tash-Kalar: Arena of Legends is a game where two to four summoners encounter each other in the Tash-Kalar arena, either in teams or each on his own and prove their skill and strategy in a short but intense battle.

By smart deployment of their minions, they create magic patterns for summoning powerful beings and then use those to destroy their opponent’s forces or to prepare patterns for the legendary creatures.

The game includes four different factions, each with a unique deck of beings to summon and one deck of legendary creatures. Players take turns placing their common pieces on the board, and if they succeed in creating patterns depicted on one of the cards in hand, they may play it. When played, the card summons a particular being and allows the player to perform an effect described on the card: a giant destroys neighbouring pieces, a knight moves through enemy pieces, a warlord orders previously placed pieces to move and fight, an enchantress converts enemy pieces to player's own colour, etc. After that, the player discards the card, and the summoned being turns into a motionless piece which may be used in patterns to summon other creatures – or even be awakened and moved into combat by the effects of other cards.

Tash-Kalar: Arena of Legends offers two game modes. In the standard game mode, you score points for fulfilling various quests set by the Arena Masters: controlling certain points or areas of the arena, destroying enemy pieces in a single turn, performing a combination of summonings, etc.

In melee mode, your only goal is to entertain the crowd. You do that by destroying your opponents and making them beg (i.e., making them use the catch-up mechanisms) and by summoning legendary beings. After all, people want to see a dragon! Both modes can be played as a two-player duel or as a team game with teammates sharing pieces and legendary cards, but with each controlling his own faction. (The game includes a duplicate of one faction in a different colour.) The melee mode can also be played as a fierce free-for-all battle, but don't expect alliances; to achieve a good score, you need to destroy all opponents evenly as you track points scored on each opponent separately, and your lowest score is your final score.

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Board Game Information

Age 13 up
Players 2 or, 4 in teams of 2, or 3-4 player melee
Time 30 - 45 min

Board Game Awards

☆ 2013 Golden Geek Best Abstract Board Game Winner
☆ 2013 Golden Geek Best 2-Player Board Game Nominee

Board Game Contents and Specifications

Cards 84 (18 Southern Empire beings, 18 Northern Empire beings, 18 Sylvan beings, 18 Highland beings, 12 legendary beings
Task cards 12
Flare cards 1
double-sided game arena 1
double-sided cardboard pieces (17 in each color) 68
legendary cardboard pieces (3 in each color) 12
Double-sided score boards 4
Guidebook 1
Rules 1
Weight 1025g
Designed by Vlaada Chvatil
Box Dimensions 32 x 23 x 7 cm
Made by Czech Games


This family board game may contain small parts. Not suitable for young children or people who like putting things in their mouth.

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