Settlers of Catan - Cities and Knights Expansion 5th Ed


Settlers of Catan - Cities and Knights Expansion 5th Ed


This Settlers of Catan expansion offers a more in-depth, strategic game which is great if you have been playing Catan for a while and are looking for a more involved and challenging game.

Cities and knights builds upon the base Settlers of Catan game with emphasis on city development and the use of knights. Catan Knights (3 types of varying strengths) are used to displace opponents knights, help opponents (and yourself) defend Catan against the Barbarian army and... they can also be used to chase the robber away!

Other changes include: Progress cards of trade, politics and science replace the development cards; city walls; barbarian tile and ship and 3 new commodities - cloth, coin and paper; a metropolises which is a city improvement.

The progress cards themselves add a great level of exciting gameplay with cards such as 'Mining', 'Irrigation', or 'Building Crane' allow for faster settlement activities. The 'Merchant', 'Merchant Fleet', 'Trade Monopoly', or 'Resource Monopoly' create advantages with regards to trade. You also have the chance to upset leading players with cards such as the 'Deserter', 'Spy', or 'Diplomat'.

Cities & Knights can also be combined with the Settlers of Catan Seafarers expansion or with Traders & Barbarians scenarios.

This 5th Edition is best combined with the 5th Edition of the Catan base game but changes are largely cosmetic so it can be combined with Catan Edition 4 if required.

Not a complete game. To play this expansion you require:

  1. Catan base game

To play this expansion with 5-6 players you require:

  1. Catan base game

  2. Catan 5-6 Player extension

  3. Catan Cities and Knights expansion (current game)

  4. Catan Cities and Knights 5-6 player extension

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Board Game Information

Age 12 up
Players 3 - 4
Time 60 - 120 mins

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Family Board Game Components

Commodity Cards 36 (12 Paper, 12 Cloth, 12 Coin
Progress Cards 54 (18 Trade, 18 Politics, 18 Science)
Defender of Catan victory point cards 6
Development flip charts 4 - city calendars
Knight pieces 24 (6 of each colour)
2 sheets of knight labels to apply
City wall pieces 12 (3 of each colour)
Metropolis city gate pieces 3
Metropolis tokens 3
Barbarian ship piece 1
Merchant piece 1
Event die with 3 ship and 3 gate symbols 1
Game rules, almanac and overview 1

Family Board Game Specifications

Weight 650g
Box Dimensions 30 x 24 x 8 cm
Designed By Klaus Teuber
Made by Catan Studio Inc


This family board game may contain small parts. Not suitable for young children or people who like putting things in their mouth.