Settlers of Catan – Seafarers 5-6 player extension 5th Ed


Settlers of Catan – Seafarers 5-6 player extension 5th Ed


More opponents, more drama, more fun in this 5th Edition 5-6 player extension for the Settlers of Catan Seafarers expansion which allows you to add up to two more opponents to the Seafarers Expansion without sacrificing ease of play.

Try one of 9 new scenarios! This rich extension adds even more drama to the award-winning game of seafaring, discovery, and trade. Settle islands, build ships, and chart the nearby waters.

Discover far-off mines and use your gold and resources to become the undisputed ruler of Catan!

This extension is Edition 5 it is also compatible with edition 4 versions of Catan and its expansions - although there are some artwork differences and tile fit may not be perfect.

NOT a complete game! You need a Catan game (The Settlers of Catan), a Catan: 5-6 Player extension, and a Catan: Seafarers expansion in order to play with this game extension!

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Age 10 up
Adds 2 More Players Now 5 or 6 players can play Catan Seafarers expansion
Time 90 - 150 mins

How to play: Settlers of Catan Seafarers 5-6 player extension

Rules PDF

Board Game Contents and Specifications

Wooden Ships 30
Sea tiles 7
Goldfield tiles 2
Desert tile 1
Frame pieces 2
Harbour tokens 2
Catan chits 35
Rules 1
Weight 410g
Box Dimensions 21.5 x 16 x 4.5 cm
Designed By Klaus Teuber
Made by Catan Studio


This family board game may contain small parts. Not suitable for young children or people who like putting things in their mouth.

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