Settlers of Catan – Traders and Barbarians Expansion 5th Ed


Settlers of Catan – Traders and Barbarians Expansion 5th Ed


The 3rd expansion to the base Catan game that offers a lot more diversity with a campaign consisting of five scenarios, which build in complexity, and four variations.

The campaign begins with the 'Fishermen of Catan' – where fishing adds to the menu and offers new tactical possibilities – and ends with 'Traders & Barbarians' where barbarians from the previous 'Barbarian Attack' scenario have been driven off, damage repaired and Catan’s roads begin to bustle with goods trains - marble and glass must be delivered to the castle, sand to the glassworks, and tools to the marble quarry – watch out some remaining barbarians can interrupt your deliveries.

Variations including 'The friendly robber' provide game play diversity and the Catan for two 2-player variant allows you to play the Base Game as well as all scenarios of this expansion against only one opponent.

Traders and barbarians provides more ways to play Catan with it's new scenarios and variations but if you are looking for more strategy try the Catan Cities and Knights expansion.

Not a complete game. To play this expansion you require:

1. Catan base game

To play this expansion with 5-6 players you require:

1. Catan base game

2. Catan 5-6 Player extension

3. Catan Traders and Barbarians expansion (current game)

4. Catan Traders and Barbarians 5-6 player extension

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Board Game Information

Age 10 up
Players 2 - 4
Time 60 - 120 mins

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Family Board Game Components

Knight pieces 24 (6 of each colour)
Bridge pieces 12 (3 of each colour)
Wagon pieces 4 (1 of each colour)
Barbarian pieces 36 (bronze colour)
Camel pieces 22 (brown colour)
Cards x 120 1 Set of cards for 'Catan Event cards' variant
4 cards for 'Fishermen of Catan' scenario
1 set of cards for 'Barbarian attache' scenario
2 sets of cards for 'Traders and Barbarians' scenario
Tiles 17 Terrain, fishing ground and sea frame pieces
Gold coin counters 25 x small
15 x large
Special Victory point card 1 x Harbourmaster
Special Tiles 1 x wealthiest settler
1 x poor settler
Trade tokens (Chits) 21
Commodity tokens 36
Fish tokens 30
Variants and scenarios booklet 1

Family Board Game Specifications

Weight 440g
Box Dimensions 29.5 x 24 x 7.5 cm
Designed By Klaus Teuber
Made by Catan official site


This family board game may contain small parts. Not suitable for young children or people who like putting things in their mouth.